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Payload data processors

Payload data processors are simulation based processors for generating scientific calibrated measurement data out of raw satellite data downlink products.For each payload (e.g. ENVISAT MIPAS) a separate payload data processor has to be developed. For some instruments and missions within one data chain there even exist separate processors for transforming level0 to level1 or level1 to level2 products etc.Airbus Defence and Space GmbH has significant experience in developing such payload data processors for satellite ground segments for optical and radar payloads.

Features / technical details

MIPAS Level 2 processor:
  • reading MIPAS L0 raw data
  • error correction on L0 data and generation of L1 products
  • processing of L1 products and calibration to L1b
  • extraction of trace-gas, temperature and pressure distributions over altitude in atmosphere in L2 product
ASCATT Processor:
  • full processing chain from L0 raw data to L2 wind field atmospheric result data
Rotating Scatterometer:
  • Processor study for processing of all-direction distributed raw data for L2 wind field analysis



S/C Ground station scientific data processors

Reference customers

ESA: MIPAS L2 processor for Envisat

ESA: ASCATT Processor

ESA: Rotating Scatt Processor