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Power control and distribution unit (PCDU) for geo satellites

Flight proven equipment for medium power com's spacecraft

Flight proven equipment for medium power com's spacecraft

This Power Control and Distribution Unit (PCDU) has been designed and qualified for a 3-axis stabilized GEO communication platform, with a power capability of up to 2,5 kW EOL on a single power bus.

Features / technical details

The PCDU is operating on a Sun Regulated Power Bus. The design of the equipment is modular and allows easy and flexible adaptations to other spacecraft interfaces and power distribution lines. It features the following main functions:

  • 26-41volts DC depending on selected number of cells in battery
  • Modular Switching Shunt Regulator for SA power accommodation and transfer to the mainbus
  • Majority Voting Mainbus Voltage Control
  • Redundant Charge Control for 2 Charge Arrays for battery charging using a proprietary charge management
  • Mainbus Filter
  • On-ground Battery Switch
  • Pyro Firing Control Modules
  • Heater Control Modules
  • Bus Equipment Switching Modules
  • Payload Switching Modules
  • Redundant RS 422 Bi-directional Serial Data Interface
  • Hot redundant Internal Power Supply


Application is suited for all GEO spacecrafts up to 2, 5 kW power level with in a single power bus. For a higher power satellite platform, a dual power bus configuration, using 2 PCDU' s and 2 batteries, can be selected, allowing main bus power up to 5 kW.

Reference customers

The equipment has been qualified within the AMOS 1 Telecom-satellite Program.