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Scan control electronics

The Scan Control Electronics performs the control of Scanning Mechanisms. Depending on the application, the Scan Control Electronics is optimized on a dedicated scan profile (scanner speed/position over time) or on continuous rotation of scanner mechanisms.

Features / technical details

Fully cold redundant Scan Control Electronics (for continuous rotation) within one housing

Dimensions: 220 x 220 x 55 mm
Mass < 3 kg
Power consumption: < 4 Watt in Standby
Output Power: up to 40 W per Motor (block drive mode)
mechanism axis: two mechanical axis
Motor Types: brushless DC-Motors, adaptable to motor electrical characteristics
Position/Commutation sensors configurable (hall sensors / encoder)
Speed (configurable) adaptable to user requirements

Parts level acc. QML-Q ; QML-V ; Class S, depending on customer requirements SEU-free by Design, SEL-free by Technology


  • Scanner Control for LEO / GEO / Science missions

Reference customers

  • commercial customers