Airbus Defence and Space


Very high capacity mass memory (Premium Class)

The Solid State Mass Memories from Airbus Defence and Space offer a wide range in capacity, bandwidth and interfaces. Due to a high degree of standardization and modularity they can be adapted to customer requirements without extra development. Very high capacity is achieved by state of the art memory technologies (SDRAM, DDR, FLASH) and high density vertical packaging technologies. Data Compression, CCSDS Formatting, Real time File Handling and Encryption is provided in addition High reliability of the stored data is provided by background scrubbing


Features / technical details

• Capacity: up to 3000 Gbit

• Mass: 30 to 40 Kg

• Interfaces: space wire, parallel(LVDS), RS422, Mil STD 1553

• Data rate: up to 1200 Mbps

• Power: 20 to 140 W

• Reliability: 0,98 (5 year mission time, cold redundant controller and power supply)

• Bit error rate: 2 x 10-14 (EOL)

• Temp. Range: -40 °C to +80 °C

• Functions: File Management, , Compression, Formatting, Encryption, Scrambling

• Scrubbing: background memory scrubbing


  • large images memory
  • data acquisition mass memories

Reference customers

ESA, DLR ,Export customer