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X-Band T/R modules

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X-Band transmit/receive modules for space-based synthetic aperture radar (SAR), airbourne SAR and unmanned airbourne vehicles (UAV) applications.

Features / technical details

• Designed for high volume, low cost manufacture.

• Prototype now in manufacture, complete February '03.

• 8 Watt X-band SSPA pulsed transmitter.

• Noise figure: < 4dB.

• Dual polarisation: Tx (Vertical or Horizontal) and Rx (Vertical or Horizontal).

• Digitally controlled Phase and amplitude.

• Full TRM function in a single ceramic multilayer package.

• Low physical volume, surface mount, construction throughout.

• Integrated Microwave, Logic and DC assembly.

• Mass < 100g.

• Size: 138 x 23 x 6 mm.

• CAN-ASIC controlled functionality.



• Space-based, airbourne and UAV SAR

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