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Ariane 5 flight 214 launch kit

Flight 214 is the 70th Ariane 5 launch and the third in 2013. It follows on from a series of 55 consecutive successful Ariane 5 launches. An ARIANE 5 ECA (Cryogenic Evolution type A), the most powerful version in the ARIANE 5 range, will be used for this flight.

The main mission of Flight 214 is to place the ALPHASAT and INSAT-3D commercial payloads into a low-inclined standard GTO orbit.

The mass of ALPHASAT is 6649 kg, with 2061 kg for INSAT-3D. Allowing for the adaptors and the SYLDA 5 structure, total performance required from the launcher for the orbit described above is 9674.1 kg. It should be remembered that the maximum performance offered by the Ariane 5 ESC-A launcher exceeds 10300 kg (performance recorded by ARIANE 5 ECA L568-V212, on February 7, 2013) for a standard orbit inclined at 6°.


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