Airbus Defence and Space

Flight 180 : Ariane 5 GS – Satellites: RASCOM-QAF 1 & HORIZONS 2

Flight 180 is the 36th Ariane 5 launch and the sixth in 2007. An A5 GS will be used for this flight, the less powerful of the Ariane 5 range.

This will be the 32nd commercial mission for Ariane 5. Launcher 530 used for this mission is the 32nd production launcher, the fifth in the A5GS series - and the final derivative of the Ariane A5 Generic version - also incorporating a number of more recent improvements designed for the A5EC/A and A5ES versions (mainly the EAPs, a composite structure VEB and an EPS with an additional 300 kg propellant). This launcher is the eleventh complete vehicle delivered to Arianespace, integrated and inspected under AIRBUS DEFENCE AND SPACE responsibility in the Launcher Integration Building (BIL).

In a dual-payload configuration using the SYLDA 5 “E” (extended by 300 mm) system and a medium pattern fairing, the launcher is carrying a pan-African communications satellite RASCOM-QAF 1 in the upper position, and a communications and HDTV one, HORIZONS 2 in the lower position.

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