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Flight 193 Ariane 5 GS – Satellite: HELIOS 2B

Flight 193 is the 49th Ariane 5 launch and the seventh in 2009. This is the sixth and last launcher of the A5 GS type, the least powerful of the ARIANE 5 range.

Flight 193 is a commercial mission for Ariane 5. Launcher 532, the 45th production phase ARIANE 5, is the twenty-third of the 30 PA contract launchers, for which AIRBUS DEFENCE AND SPACE is production prime contractor, the sixth in the A5GS series - and the final derivative of the Ariane A5 Generic version - also incorporating a number of more recent improvements designed for the A5EC/A and A5ES versions (mainly the EAPs, a composite structure VEB and an EPS with an additional 300 kg propellant). This launcher is the twenty-fourth complete vehicle delivered to Arianespace, integrated and inspected under AIRBUS DEFENCE AND SPACE responsibility in the Launcher Integration Building (BIL).

In a single-payload configuration under a medium pattern fairing, the launcher is carrying the observation satellite Helios 2B, with a payload (satellite and carriage structures) total mass at lift-off of approximately 5,954 kg.


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