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20 K stirling cycle cooler

A cost effective, two-stage split Stirling Cooler, providing 120mW of heat lift at 19 K. A two-compressor system minimises cyclic variations of pressure to a single displacer mechanism. The compressors are arranged in a back-to-back pair for vibration cancellation.

Features / technical details

Parameter Cooler Data
Type Two-Stage Split Stirling with Momentum Balancer
Nominal performance 120 mW at 19 K (Zero load point at < 15 K)
Nominal power input 105 W max at 20OC rejection temperature
Mass Cooler: 11.6kg Electronics: 6 kg
Design life > 10 yr +
Dimensions Cooler, Displacer: 400mm x 200mm diameter max. Compressor: 238mm x 120mm diameter max. each Electronics: 290mm x 205mm x 105mm (L x W x H)
Bearing type Flexure springs
Off-state thermal resistance 1445K/W to 150K middle stage
Induced vibration (max in x, y, z axes) Compressors < 0.2 N Displacer < 0.05 N
Thermal Performance (Adjusted to 20 deg C)
Cold Tip Temperature (K) Cooling Capacity (W) Input Power (W)
TMU Electronics Total
19 0.12 105 max 50 max 105 max
27.5 0.4 105 max 50 max 105 max


Deep-space science


Pre-cooler for multi-stage coolers (eg sub -K)

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