Airbus Defence and Space

Antenna deployment and trim mechanism (ADTM)

Derived from the Olympus Antenna Deployment Mechanism, this mechanism is supplied to all Eurostar platforms and has flown on over 12 missions. By virtue of an ingenious dual axis system within the passive trunnion, reflector trimming in both pitch and roll axes can be achieved, providing the ability to fine-tune a beam pattern on the Earth’s surface and improving overall payload performance.

Features / technical details

  • Nominal deployment torque: 15 Nm
  • Deployment angle: 60º to 90º
  • Trimming range: pitch ± 1.5º, roll up to 0.68º (dependant on trunnion spacing)
  • Flight heritage: Orion, Hot Bird series, Worldstar series, Nilesat, Ressat, ST1
  • Operating temperature range: –45C to +100C
  • Qualified for Ariane 5 launcher environment
  • Dimensions: 214mm x 124mm (active), 176mm x 161mm (passive)
  • Total mass: ~5.0 kg
  • Deployment confirmation telemetry via microswitch
  • Trim position sensing via potentiometers


Controlled deployment of reflectors, and antennas. Antenna trimming in 2 axes (pitch and roll)

Reference customers

Eurostar E2000, Eurostar E3000, Eutelsat, Orion, Intelsat, Hotbird, Worldstar , Nilesat, Astra