Airbus Defence and Space


Assembly, integration and test (AIT)

The Center AIT provides services and facilities for the assembly, integration and test of spacecraft Components, equipment, instruments and satellite modules and systems.

Features / technical details

• Planning of AIT Manpower, Facility, GSE, Procedures

• Logistics for Flight H/W, GSE including Documentation

• Integration Centre Operation and Maintenance

• Environmental Tests: Vibration, Shock, Micro-Gravity, Mass Property, Thermal-Vacuum, Humidity, Mechanical Parameters

• Processes, Tools and Standards: Evolution and Instruction

• Mechanical and Electrical Ground Support Equipment: Concept Definition, Procurement, Integration, Operation & Standardisation

• Electrical Integration including Procedures, Interface Verification & Functional Integration

• Mechanical Integration

• Thermal Integration

• Check-out Engineering including C/O Software & Mission Data Base



Assembly, Integration and Test of satellites, satellite modules, optical and microwave payload, mechanisms and other spacecraft equipment

Reference customers

• European Space Agency: ISEE-B, Instrument Pointing System (IPS), ERS-1 & 2, ENVISAT, Hubble’s Faint Object Camera, Ulysses, Cluster, XMM, Rosetta, Metop Payload Module, MSG-Seviri

• DLR: Aeros, Rosat, X-SAR, Sciamachi, Champ


• ESO: Very Large Telescope M2