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Cooler drive electronics (CDE) / Low vibration drive electronics (LVDE)

The Cooler Drive Electronics (CDE / LVDE) performs the operational control of a cryogenic cooler. The CDE design can be adapted to different cooler types (e.g. Stirling cooler, pulse tube cooler) as well as to different cooler temperature ranges Algorithms and implementation for Vibration Cancellation available

Features / technical details

Cooler Drive Electronics (CDE / LVDE)

Dimensions: 290 x 145 x 85 mm (CDE)
Mass < 4 kg (CDE)
Power consumption: 6 Watt in Standby
Output Power: up to 150W
Temperature Sensors: adaptable to user requirements
Position Sensors: position sensor interface (voltage)
Vibration Sensors: adaptable to user requirements
operational frequency adaptable to user requirements

Parts level acc. QML-Q ; QML-V ; Class S, depending on customer requirements

SEU-free by Design, SEL-free by Technology


  • Cryogenic Cooler Control for LEO / GEO / Science missions

Reference customers

  • ESA