Airbus Defence and Space


Core radar instrument onboard software (CRIOS)

The Core Radar Instrument Onboard Software provides the mission level Control and Functionality of the Core Radar family of SAR instruments. Developed as a generic modular design to Flight category Standards, its library of Units can be combined and configured to provide the capabilities required for a variety of missions. Additional Units may be added easily to provide features not currently held within its Library.

Features / technical details

• Developed to Flight Category Standards

• Implementation uses the Ada ‘Ravenscar’ Profile

• UML Design

• Full Test Results Available

• User Command Features include: Immediate & Time Scheduled command execution; High & Low level command operations; Mode Selection; Operate Sequence specification; Transmit Pulse specification; Sample Window Start Time specification; Swath specification

• Mission/User Definable Features include: Platform Interface; Input Command Queue size; Output Telemetry History Buffer size; Radar Timing Control Patterns

• Full and Continuous Health Monitoring & Reporting

• Variable Transmit Pulse operation

• Variable Sample Window Start Time operation



  • Sythetic Apeture Radar (SAR) Instrument Control

Reference customers

Used in Radarsat 2, part of the Canadian Space Agency Earth Observation programme.