Airbus Defence and Space


DSP multi-chip module & basic S/W (DSP-MCM)

The MCM provides a complete Digital Signal Processor sub-system in a radiation tolerant compact technology, qualified for space applications. Thanks to its Harvard open architecture and its powerful I/O system, the MCM is easily integrated within a larger systemnd. The MCM DSP comes with a complete module support SW package. Wiring interconnection without soldering, through foot print interposers significantly reduces board area and complexity.

The MCM DSP comes with two lateral interposers for dismontable connection onto the printed circuit board

Features / technical details

The MCM DSP component embeds mainly:

  • A TSC21020F digital signal processor, fully compatible with the Analog Devices ADSP21020.
  • 32-bit and 40-bit IEEE floating point formats, 32-bit fixed point format with 80 bit accumulator.
  • Three independent computation units (ALU, multiplier and barrel shifter),
  • Efficient program sequencing with zero-overhead looping and single cycle register file context switching.
  • A processor peripheral controller ASIC driving cascadable timers, UARTs, timers and PWM channels.
  • Two memory banks for program and data (128k x 32-bit SRAM each, extensible off-module up to 1 Mwords).
  • A 1355 protocol controller ASIC, driving three 1355 independant high speed links thru a 8k x 32 DPRAM

The overall software application can be developed using the ADSP21020 family development system. Single and multi-processor application programming is supported by the Virtuoso real time operating system. A specific evaluation board is also available to start with MCM DSP applications.

Computing performances:

  • 40 MFLOPS @20 MHz / 0 WS without any memory protection.
  • 35 MFLOPS @17.5 MHz / 0 WS with parity memory protection enabled.
  • 30 MFLOPS @15 MHz / 0 WS with EDAC memory protection enabled

An embedded flow-through EDAC protection on both program and data memory paths enhances the MCM's SEU tolerance. The module's total dose radiation tolerance level is better than 50 kRads.

Main Interfaces:

  • 256 x 20-bit FIFO interface (extensible to 32-bit).
  • 40-bit user extension interface.
  • 16-bit versatile IO port (serial, parallel, UART, PWM).
  • External interrupt interface (up to 4 levels)
  • HW watchdog timer and two 32-bit timers.
  • DMA trough program memory interface
  • JTAG for test and for EZ-ICE in-circuit emulator

Wiring interconnection without soldering, through 2 foot print interposers inserted between MCM and motherboard, significantly reduces board area and complexity (8 times denser and 2 times smaller) and eases greatly the maintenance.


Any embedded application on signal processing as data compression, mass memory management, signal filtering, pointing and tracking algorithms. Its integration inside a board electronics is made easier thanks to its powerful micro-controller type peripherals (FIFO memory interface, the optimized user interface, …) Moreover, cascading several modules to handle an application with several modules is direct through the set of 3 1355 high speed lines.Its foot print interconnection systems makes the MCM-DSP ideal for high compacity systems.

Reference customers

More than 100 models ordered by: Alcatel, Saab, Austrian Aerospace, Crisa/Officine Galileo, Airbus Defence and Space, JPL - Rosetta Deep Space probe: in NavCam (Crisa/Alenia) and Mass Memory (Saab-Ericsson) - Export program for Mass Memory management - Inmarsat for a Communication Processing Core (3 interconnected modules)