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Full software validation facility

The full software SVF (Software Validation Facility) is a validation tool designed to support spacecraft on-board software validation.

It inherits from most features of the “Full software satellite simulator”.

Features / technical details

The full software SVF development has been initiated by 2001, with the following main drivers:
  • Be based on the full software satellite simulators by sharing the same simulation infrastructure and spacecraft models
  • Support on-board software validation for both 1750A and ERC32 target processors,
  • Provides additional features dedicated to software validation
  • Achieve a high level of compatibility with hybrid SVF at user interface level,
Full software SVF key features
  • Binary flight software execution by means of a processor emulator (1750A and ERC32 are currently supported).
  • On-board computer (with or without redundancy) and on-board data bus (OBDH, 1553) simulations.
  • Software simulation of every spacecraft equipment: AOCS, Electrical power, Thermal, Pay-loads with adequate representativity level.
  • Real-time execution in simulated time
  • Capability to run faster than real-time
  • Simulation models scheduling capability to offer a full deterministic simulation.
  • Flight software source level debugging using gdb
  • Monitoring and control features through sequences (ELISA language) enabling flight-software source level debugging: breakpoints, step by step, data read/write, event triggering on read/write access to specified memory.
  • Models execution control, synoptic display, logbook, archiving and analysis capabilities.
  • State vector saving and restoring
Key features
  • Targeted to 1750A or ERC32 on-board processors
  • Hosted on SUN/Solaris or PC-Linux workstations
  • Source level debugging with gdb
  • Simulation monitoring and control and flight software debug by means of ELISA sequences,
  • Object distribution implemented by Orbix or OmniOrb
  • Models execution by SIMIX real-time kernel



The full software SVF is in use or in development in the frame of the following space programs:
  • Telecommunication satellites (E3000 based) ·
  • Pléiades observation program