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Full SW satellite simulator

The full software satellite simulator is a validation tool designed to support

  • spacecraft operations preparation,
  • spacecraft operations validation,
  • operational staff training.

It is also used as a preparation tool for spacecraft AIT/AIV activities.

Features / technical details

The full software satellite simulator development has been initiated in 1997, with the following main drivers:
  • Make use of up to date technologies: object oriented design and development (C++ and Java), distribute execution (Corba)
  • Support, through an incremental development approach, the reuse of simulation models developed for spacecraft engineering purpose,
  • Provide a Monitoring and Control interface common to all ground systems such as AIT/AIV benches, based on Open Center components,
  • Be based on SIMWARE simulation infrastructure in order to be independent from the underlying operating systems and hardware components and easily integrable into hybrid simulation systems.
Full software satellite simulator key features
  • Binary flight software execution by means of a processor emulator (1750A and ERC32 are currently supported).
  • On-board computer (with or without redundancy) and on-board data bus (OBDH, 1553) simulations.
  • Software simulation of every spacecraft equipment: AOCS, Electrical power, Thermal, Pay-loads with adequate representativity level.
  • Real-time execution in simulated time. Capability to run faster than real-time
  • Simulation models scheduling capability to offer a full deterministic simulation.
  • Local monitoring and control features through sequences (ELISA language), and dedicated MMIs (failure injection, models execution control, synoptic display, logbook).
  • Archiving and analysis capabilities,
  • State vector saving and restoring,
  • Multi-instance capability: several spacecraft models within a single simulation, several simulations within a single simulator,
  • Interface with Monitoring and Control System, capability to simulate ground protocols as well as ground stations (behaviour, visibility)
Key features
  • Targeted to SUN/Solaris and PC-Linux workstations
  • Object distribution implemented by Orbix or OmniOrb
  • Models execution by SIMIX real-time kernel
  • Ground Segment interface based on TCP/IP
  • Officer and Operator roles to support staff training
  • Simulation monitoring and control by means of ELISA sequences



The Full software satellite simulator is in use world-wide at many spacecraft operators premises:
  • CNES: for SPOT5 operations
  • EUMETSAT: for MSG and METOP spacecrafts operations
  • NSPO (Taiwan): for ROCSAT2 operations
  • INMARSAT (UK): for Inmarsat4 operations
  • INTELSAT (USA): for Intelsat X operations
  • EUTELSAT (F): for W3A operations
  • Pléiades for CNES (F)
  • Amazonas for Hispasat (E)
  • Anik-F1R for Telesat (CND)

Reference customers

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