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Generic navigation payload

The Generic Navigation Payload Subsystem generates one or more navigation signals for global and local satellite navigation systems. The system is highly scalable and adaptable to the customer's over-all system setup in terms of number and kind of reference clocks, number of navigation signals, their generation (memory-based / shift registers with feedback tabs) and modulation schemes (e.g. BPSK, QPSK, ALTBOC, INTERPLEX, xBOC). The Navigation data can be uplinked in real time or generated autonomously. The system is based on the experience gained in the Galileo programme participating in various projects regarding the hardware development of these functionalities. A baseline version of the Generic Navigation Payload consists of a high precision clock reference (e.g. a rubidium atomic frequency standard), a clock monitoring and control unit (CMCU) and a navigation signal generation unit. The navigation payload subsystem can be used for global navigation satellite systems (systems like Galileo or GPS), regional navigation system as well as for augmentation systems.

Features / technical details

Key features:

• High precision clocks

• Master Timing Reference generation (10.23MHz)

• Flexible Navigation signal generation, navigation ranging codes and navigation data



• Global or regional navigation satellite systems as well as augmentation systems