Airbus Defence and Space


MDVE realtime simulators

MDVE "Model based Development & Verification Environment " is Airbus Defence and Space's engineering environment for simulation based S/C development through the phases B/C/D. One core element of the MDVE is the satellite system simulator. The simulator contains models of the environment, the spacecraft dynamics, thermal and electrical power model and models of all components. The simulator is based on a standard architecture, which easily allows to replace simulation models by hardware (which can be connected via VME bus front-ends).The simulator can run in real-time (typically under VxWorks) and faster than realtime (workstation environment)

Features / technical details

Realtime Simulator:
  • models of environment (gravity, magnetic field, sun position, ...),
  • S/C dynamics model (orbit, attitude, disturbance torques, ...)
  • S/C thermal model
  • S/C electrical power model
  • component models (e.g. AOCS sensors, actuators, PCDU, payload, ...) including their
detailed data interfaces
  • simulator is based StP/UML/C++ S/W design process
  • environment for configurable simulator design with interface to project databases (TM/TC, Harness...) through XML interfaces
  • target platforms: Sun (Solaris) and Motorola-68xx/PPC/VME (VxWorks)



Satellite System Engineering (Phase B/C)
  • mission development
  • system/subsystem design
  • performance validation
Satellite AIV (Phase C/D)
  • EGSE procedure & database development
  • HITL subsystem testing
  • Onboard S/W verification with HITL (e.g. OBC breadboard in the loop)
S/W Maintenance Facility (Phase E)
  • S/C simulation for problem fixing during S/C operations
  • S/C simulation for OBSW patch testing during operations

Reference customers

Grace: Simulator for Grace Realtime Testbed, Grace Mission Simulator (for Ground Segment) CryoSat: CryoSat Simulator (different releases - first available 09/2001)