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Mission analysis tool SMART 2

SMART2 (Space Mission Analysis Reference Tool) is a computer tool for the modelling, the simulation and the analysis of low earth orbit observation missions.

It enables system engineers to pre-size multi-sensors, low earth orbit satellite systems very simply on a personal computer.


Smart 2 detailed presentation


Features / technical details

The missions simulated by SMART2 include a satellite(s) component (orbit characteristics, platform and instrument data), a ground component (characteristics of ground stations dedicated to command data uplink and images downlink: number, location, data on transmission and reception beams), as well as information about the Earth zones where analyses are to be performed (areas of interest, countries…).

SMART2 allows to measure the system capacities through the on-the-ground coverage and the geometric visibilities:

  • The constellation coverage over a given time period can be immediately visualized, through an interactive cartographic display and a 2D animation.
  • The geometric visibilities are issued from the calculations of different parameters such as:
    • the receiving station direct visibilities: start and stop dates of visibility for the satellites of the system, in GMT and local time
    • the coverage of areas of interest represented by several delays (access delay, dump delay, access+dump delay, revisit…)
    • They can be visualized through colored maps or chronograms and histograms via a direct link to Microsoft Excel.


SMART2 is used for several years by Airbus Defence and Space for the preliminary design of observation missions.

Reference customers

One or two software releases are generated every year, together with an updated software user's manual. SMART2 is mainly supported on Windows NT and Windows XP PC platforms.