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Multi chip modules

Innovative interconnection techniques based on Interposer connectors provide a very large number of IOs and easy assembly and rework capabilities.

To further improve the volume density of Space electronics, AIRBUS DEFENCE AND SPACE promotes the use of single sided or double sided packages stacked in 3D structures. Interposer connectors, either low profile or high density, perform the interconnection of hundreds of IOs between the modules and the printed circuit board. Interconnections with the printed circuit board can be either through low profile flat interposer or through high density lateral interposers.

AIRBUS DEFENCE AND SPACE has developed two standard MCM products : - an ERC32 SPARC processor system, with coprocessor, memories and I/O management - a Digital Signal Processor system, based on a 21 020 chip, with data and programs memory and high speed IOs.

Features / technical details

A complete Avionics 32 bit computer core in a single package

This module implements a 32-bit ERC32SC SPARC microprocessor, a VASI ASIC co-processor with built-in set of interfaces, 6 Mbytes EDAC protected instruction memory, 32 Mbytes Reed-Solomon protected data memory. It is designed in a radiation tolerant technology qualified for Space applications.

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DSP Multi Chip Module

The MCM DSP is a very integrated and cost effective solution providing a Digital Signal Processor sub-system in a radiation tolerant technology, qualified for space applications.

The module can suit any embedded application thanks to its powerful computation unit based on the TSC21020E floating point DSP, the DPC co-processor, 128Kwords on-module SRAM memory for both program and data. Various other micro-controller type peripherals like cascadable timers, full duplex UARTs, input/output serial links, watchdog timers and PWM channels are also included.

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