Airbus Defence and Space


Near-Field Facilities

Near-field antenna measurement facilities are probing the radiated near-field at a distance d of  2xLambda < d < 2D²/ Lambda with D being the largest dimension of the aperture, allowing compact facility dimensions and chamber sizes. Before obtaining any accurate far-field pattern the complete near-field of at least down to -45 dB in magnitude needs to be scanned and then transformed into the respective far-field cut.

Pending on the radiation characteristics of the DUT near-field probing can be performed on either planar, cylindrical, spherical or half-spherical contours around the DUT, determining the kinematics of the near-field scanner.

Airbus Defence and Space can provide near-field test facilities covering the whole spectrum of possible near-field scanners such as:

  • "Inverted T" Planar X/Y Scanners for vertical planar scan surfaces
  • Horizontal Overhead “H-Frame” X/Y Scanners for horizontal planar scan surfaces
  • Cylindrical Scanners, consisting of a vertical scanner in combination with an azimuth positioner
  • Spherical Arc Scanners in combination with an azimuth positioner
  • Spherical Overhead Swing Arm Scanners in combination with an azimuth positioner
  • Spherical Roll over Azimuth Scanners with a fixed range probe

The highest measurement frequency and the ranges to be scanned mainly determine the required quality of the near-field scanner.

Beside Single Contour near-field scanners, Airbus Defence and Space also offers Dual and Multi-Contour Scanners, since for many customers single contour scanners do not fully cover their today’s and tomorrow’s measurement applications, especially when different kinds of antennas or objects in terms of radiation characteristics and sizes are to be tested.

Airbus Defence and Space’s Portal Near-Field Scanner System is designed for antenna and Radar scattering near-field measurements of large DUTs. The Portal Near-Field Scanner allows modular up-grade possibilities from a Single Contour Scanner to a Multi-Contour Scanner providing variable scan radii for cylindrical and spherical scan contours in order to minimize measurement time, size of measurement files and processing time for the near-field to far-field transformations.

Airbus Defence and Space’s Near-Field Test Facilities are centrally operated by a highly intuitive software, the Advanced Antenna Measurement Software (AAMS), allowing fully automated test operations and a high quality of data evaluation and powerful 3D- and 2D graphics for the presentation of the radiation diagrams.