Airbus Defence and Space


Photovoltaic assembly

Beyond the delivery of turn-key solar arrays Airbus Defence and Space delivers sub-products as well. The electrical part of the solar array is one of them, sometimes called "Photovoltaic Assembly" or PVA. It consists of the lay-down of strings of cells on a single panel. Typically the panels themselves are provided by the customer

Features / technical details

  • Solar cell type: Silicon (Si) and GalliumArsenide (GaAs)
  • Panel type: any
    • Panel as part of a wing
    • Body mounted (both flat and curved)


  • All types of missions
    • GEO, MEO, LEO, Deep Space
  • All kinds of solar arrays
    • Panels, body mounted (both on flat and curved panel)
  • All applications:
    • Earth Observation, Telecommunications, Science, Military, Navigation

Reference customers

Mainly provided to customers with own solar array integration capability, but without the lay-down facility, like Alcatel Alenia Space (France) and Dutch Space (The Netherlands).