Airbus Defence and Space


PM32 processor board

The PM32 (processor module) is the computer core used in the Airbus Defence and Space new generation of On Board Computer (OBC) such as TERRASAR-X. This board features high processing SPARC performance, 1553 bus, and 1355 bus compatibility and provides central processing interfaces to on-board computers for spaceborne applications. The PM32 processor board is based on the Multi Chip Module ERC32.

Features / technical details

The processor module PM32 takes benefits from the high performance level of its MCM ERC32SC that provide in a single Multi-Chip-Module a complete 32 bit processor system with its local memory and I/O manager.

The key features of the PM32 are as follows:

• 16 Mips @20 MHz (20 Mips @25 MHz) standard processing capability

• 6 Mbytes of program SRAM protected by EDAC (inside MCM)

• 32 Mbytes of data DRAM protected by REED SOLOMON (inside MCM)

• 32 Kbytes of PROM or 128 Kbytes of EEPROM for the Boot firmware

• 2 Mbytes of EEPROM for mission software (maximum 4 Mbytes)

• Timing capability for internal and external synchronisation on high precision signal sources

The PM32 module is also equipped with a comprehensive set of interface drivers that makes it suitable for a number of applications. The following interfaces are available on external connectors :

• 10 HDLC (2 direct, 8 multiplexed)

• 1 Space-Wire link

• 2 redundant 1355 (optional)

• 2 redundant MIL 1553B buses configurable by software either in BC or RT.

• General purpose I/O links

For extension of the system capacity, a redundant backplane interface is provided with the following interfaces :

• Up to 2 asynchronous /synchronous links

• Up to 4 redunded IEEE1355 interfaces

• 2 non-redunded IEEE1355 interfaces or 1553 protocol with RS422 interface (optional)

Software board support packages are available that includes either VxWorks, RTEMS or AONIX operating systems. The PM32 is compatible with either WxWorks or RTEMS development environment in C, and also AONIXfor ADA.


General purpose flight computer

Reference customers

  • TerraSar-X
  • Tandem X