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Radio frequency generator for ion propulsion (RFG)

Ion Propulsion systems (IPS) as the RITA produce thrust by accelerating ions extracted from a plasma. For the RITA this plasma is generated by a rf-ionization process. The Radio Frequency Generator (RFG) is the key element to initiate and sustain the plasma discharge by controlling the rf-power. Furthermore the RFG control directly the thrust level of the IPS

Features / technical details

• PLL controlled output current/ voltage

• Output frequency 700 kHz- 1000 kHz

• Output power: 130 W max, 600 W max, 900 W max (under development)

• Output Amplitude: 10- 60 V max; 10 - 150 V max.

• Mass: 1.3 kg to 2.5 kg

• Dimensions: 130 x 135 x 75 mm; 76 x 132 x 150


Electric Propulsion is planned to be used on future communication satellites for station keeping and possibly also for orbit raising (ARTEMIS)

Reference customers

Ion Propulsion System RITA on EURECA

Ion Propulsion System RITA on ARTEMIS

Ion Propulsion System RIT-XT