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Real-time closed loop gps test facility

Real-Time Closed Loop GPS Test Facility

The Real-Time Closed Loop Test Facility enables the test of spaceborne GPS receivers. The simulation computer simulates the user satellite (orbit and attitude). The data will then be fed to the GPS simulator system. With this information artificial GPS RF signals can be generated to stimulate the GPS receiver. Key features are automatic data analysis and automatic test sequences.

Features / technical details

  • Spirent GPS Simulator with 2 x 12 channels, capable of L1 and L2, simulation of two dynamic platforms at the same time, SBAS capability, real-time option
  • dynamic platform from LEO to GEO -> relative navigation, attitude determination using GPS
  • spacecraft simulation (user orbit and attitude)
  • automatic test sequences
  • automatic data analysis



Real-Time Closed Loop Tests of GPS receivers from LEO to GEO. Single or dual frequency receivers as well as SBAS capable receivers can be tested. Absolute navigation, relative navigation (e.g. formation flying, co-location of GEO satellites) and attitude determination using GPS signals are within the range of the possible applications.