Airbus Defence and Space


Solar array

Airbus Defence and Space provides turn-key solar arrays for all environments and all applications. The Eurostar 3000 Solar Array family represents the most advanced solar array built so far in Airbus Defence and Space and is presented here as an example. The solar array for the common Airbus Defence and Space / Alcatel Alenia Space Alphabus platform, extending the power range up to 31 KW, is in the design and development phase at Airbus Defence and Space

Features / technical details

  • Modular design :6 - 10 panels (2 wings with 3 to 5 panels each)
  • Hybrid (Si and GaAs) version or full GaAs coverage
  • Panels available in two sizes - "large": 3.92 x 2.28 m - "small": 3,05 x 2,28 m
  • Solar cell type: Silicon: Si High ETA GalliumArsenide: GaAs TripleJunction (TJ)
  • Powerrange: 6.0 kW (SX version) to 23 kW (LX version, BOL, 28 deg C, normal incidence (i.e. 0 degrees), Atmospheric Mass 0 spectrum (AM0) )


  • All types of missions

    GEO, MEO, LEO, Deep Space

  • All kinds of solar arrays

    Rigid deployable, Flexible, Body Mounted (flat and curved panels)

  • All applications:

    Earth Observation, Telecommunications, Science, Military, Navigation

Reference customers

The Satellites equipped with Eurostar 3000 Solar Arrays are Intelsat X-02 (launched), Inmarsat F1/ F2 (both launched), Eutelsat W3A (launched), Amazonas (launched), Anik F1R (launched), Anik F3, Hotbird 8, Astra 1M, Nimiq 4, Skynet 5A/5B/5C.