Airbus Defence and Space


Test solutions

25 years of experience did allow Airbus Defence and Space to buid its reputation and expertise within the field of simulation and testing equipment required by satellite systems engineering, development and integration. Airbus Defence and Space test solutions are based on innovative technologies and continuously enriched by new enhancements which improve the efficiency of Airbus Defence and Space teams in the design, launch and operations of any of customers systems.

Features / technical details

Airbus Defence and Space simulations solutions are based on a product line called SIMWARE which offers an open and comprehensive frame work for simulation preparation, execution and analysis, either for Hardware or hybrid configuration.Airbus Defence and Space test benches are built on a common kernel OPENCENTER reused from the experience and assets of Airbus Defence and Space in satellite control centres. Airbus Defence and Space test benches enable tailored configurations for the bird AIT processes: Master test processors, SW validation, OCOE, SCOE, any of instrument or full satellite test benches from small to complex size.


Spacecraft space and ground segment development and integration, satellite operations :

  • spacecraft sub-systems simulation models (telecommunication, propulsion, AOCS,…)
  • spacecraft payloads models
  • ground stations simulation
  • ground segment simulation

Industrial areas such as simulators for railway training systems

Reference customers

ST1, Nilesat, Hispasat, Astra 2B, telecom 2, SPOT, HELIOS, Worldstar, Ariane5, Mars Express, Metop, MSG, Eurostar3000, Stentor, ni-alpha, rocsat2, inmarsat