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Video processing board

The Video Processing Chain board (VPC) is especially designed for space application as it is radiation tolerant. Furthermore, its high performance level makes it perfect for high resolution earth observation satellites. The VPC board has been designed in the frame of the High Resolution Stereoscopic (HRS) observation instrument of French earth observation satellite SPOT 5, developed by Airbus Defence and Space with CNES.

Features / technical details

The Video Processing Board handles 4 identical chains that perform the following main functions:

• Reception and analog processing of the video signal coming from detection modules (Pixel frequency: from 3 to 10 Mpixels/s.

• Analog to digital conversion of the video signal coded on 12 bits, analogue bandwidth: < 30 MHz.

• Numerical pre-processing of the video data, especially pixel non-uniformity correction.

• Switching of power supplies of the VPC board.

The board versatility has been designed using FPGA which allows to adapt the numeric functions without modifying the board itself. The external interfaces of the board with users are the following:

• Interface with the video signals (detection module).

• Interface with the pixels-synchro (detection module).

• Tests interface (ground segments).

Furthermore, the VPC board interfaces with the other boards inside the equipment

• Sequencing clocks

• Telemetry/Command (phase regulation, commutation/ decommutation of the different power supplies, gain selection, equalization coefficients)

• Transfer of the video data output.

• Internal board power supplies

Power consumption 7 W
PCB Temperature range -30°C to +85°C
Radiation tolerance > 10 Krads
Mass < 1.7 kg (including frame)
Dimensions 287 x 226 x 23.5 mm


The VPC board has been designed in the frame of the High Resolution Stereoscopic (HRS) observation instrument. It is flying on the earth observation satellite SPOT 5 developed by AIRBUS DEFENCE AND SPACE with CNES.

Reference customers

CNES , Airbus Defence and Space itself